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About Time: An introduction to shamanism and its relevance to the present day.

  • Steiner House 35 Park Road London, England, NW1 6XT United Kingdom (map)
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Currently there is a shift as to where we are looking to bring meaning, enjoyment and significance into our lives. There is a looking back to the traditions of our ancestors. A deep, present outward gaze towards intact indigenous cultures, as well as a peering into an unknown future. In this we are endeavouring to bring ourselves to a point of balance with an understanding of the present moment. 

Within the Shamanic Way of Being, this bending of time occurs in order to bring healing and eventually wisdom. To those individuals in need, to the land and for the world as a whole. 

Natalie Vickers invites you to step into a small piece of this liminal space, through story telling, sound and a shamanic experience. She offers you a door, into which you can experience why shamanism is still pertinent in our modern lives.

Natalie has been listening to stories of what it is to be human for nearly 30 years. As a shamanic healer, homeopath and body worker, she has also trained with a number of shamans in different parts of the world from differing traditions. 

She works in the UK and Germany, offering direct experiential workshops,  trainings and initiations into the shamanic way. Her work takes her onto the land where she encourages others to foster connections with nature, through medicine walks, ceremony and ritual. She is passionate about the necessity for adult initiations and conscious choosing, as the way to living a good life. She is also a wilderness guide offering vision quests both in the UK and other parts of the world.

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