Remember Yourself; Remember your Soul

There is an apocryphal ancient Chinese curse in common usage in English: "May you live in interesting times”.

Well, we certainly do. 

To be alive at this particular point in our evolution, with the seismic changes affecting our planet evokes our fear ‘I’s’, and provokes the instinctive centre. 

We have just experienced the passage of five days in the UK, which are unprecedented in my lifetime. A huge collective shock has been experienced following our vote to leave the European Union, its effects reverberating around the globe, this is against an already seemingly chaotic global passage. Regardless of how people voted, the speed of impact and rapidity of reaction has left people bewildered and disorientated.

Shadow material is emerging; seams of hatred whose existence we had been able to buffer previously are now catapulted into our vision.

These are indeed ‘interesting times’. 


What emerges from all of this is the importance of shocks for us to remember ourselves. To remember that we are more than just the bodies we walk around in. More than the opinions we believe to be true. More than the thoughts that occupy every inhale and exhale. Only in moments when our lives are suddenly turned upside down do we realize that everything is impermanent, flexible and changing. The only fixed point in any life is the essence of the person – the soul if you like – that exists beyond personality, beyond experience and circumstance. Usually shocks are felt in our individual lives, this time its on a mass scale: an opportunity for a collective remembering.

Our world is made up of each of our individual essences and souls - yes, ultimately we are one as we are with the rest of humanity, but our purpose in each present moment of this incarnation is to find our individual soul’s expression so that we may enhance the beauty of the collective that we contribute to.

 The Perfume of the Soul

The clarity that arrived today, against the background of these increasingly turbulent times, is that our collective unity depends on each individual expression, the perfume of each soul fuelling our desire for collective unity. 

I have been lazy in not giving of my individual expression, keeping the perfume for myself, tempering the beauty of the collective unity by not fully participating in every moment. Inner considering means that I don’t write when moved, I don’t connect to people I haven’t ‘met’. I’m busy - we are all busy, but so what? 

I can be busy and still fully engaged with my soul, in every part of my life: with my family, my work, with my spiritual life, with our collective aim and with everything that is ‘outside’ my immediate realm. It seems to me that the lines of distinction I make between all of these things are no longer relevant - all parts of our existence require the perfume of the soul, nothing is outside it. The super effort is not in the doing of the body/machine, its in directing the desire to fully express the soul. 


So today is for me a re-dedication - to the full expression of my soul and to yours, in all aspects of our existence. 

For Awakening Consciousness, our singular aim is for humanity's evolution from homo sapiens to homo spiritus. The turbulent times we are living through are the crucible for that growth. We are designed for and have been prepared for the times we live in - we know that because we are alive. Now. At this particular time. Each of us is required for the navigation of these days, there isn’t another soul like yours. It matters that you express your unique perfume. It makes our collective astonishingly beautiful. 

As you read this, take a moment of re-dedication to the perfume of your soul expressing for the collective, remember yourself and send out a wave of peace and meditate on these words of Paramahansa Yogananda:

I am in the temple of quietness,
Peace fills my body
Peace fills my heart and dwells within my love
Peace within; without; everywhere.
Infinite Peace surrounds my life and permeates all the moments of my existence.
Peace unto Myself;
Peace unto my Family;
Peace unto my Nation;
Peace unto my World;
Peace unto my Cosmos.