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  • 35 Park Road London, England, NW1 6XT United Kingdom (map)

Tonight you have a unique opportunity to be immersed in the divine wisdom and love which emanates from a consciousness beyond separate identity and have a dialogue with that higher consciousness. Whether you require insight on any subject or just want to sit in silence the inner transformation is palpable.

Most times in life it is our thoughts and emotions which prevent us from experiencing joy and love in any situation. With so many different thoughts it becomes difficult to identify exactly what it is you are doing or thinking that is at the root cause of your unhappiness, confusion or it just may be that you are looking for something but you don't know what until you find it. This is your opportunity to attain clarity and guidance from a consciousness of profound clarity and wisdom - you will be left in no doubt that transformation is not only possible but is happening within the dialogue.

Leave feeling renewed, re-energized, and experience the personal enrichment and freedom you seek.

Alison Murtough is an expert in her field facilitating transformation in peoples’ lives. She has been a channel of 'Master' (the teacher of Lao Tzu) since March 2008 and has self-published two books of simple yet profound content. 

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One of Master’s quotes: “The voices of the soul belong to you, they are the part of you that did not forget love. They are eternal wisdom and show you the way back to your heart.”

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