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An audience with Sri Jayanthi Kumaraswami

  • Rudolf Steiner House 35 Park Road London NW1 6XT UK (map)

Her Divine Grace Sri Jayanthi Kumaraswami is love and divinity personified. Sri Jayanthi, lovingly called Swamiji, is a modern day Guru (spiritual guide), seer, humanitarian, philosopher and healer. Swamiji is the Founder and President of the Sri Jai Sathya Mission (based in Chennai); an international charitable Trust which assist less privileged families, youth in education, women counseling, animal welfare and much more. Her Divine Grace is also the Founder and Spiritual Leader of a Hindu religious movement namely Om Namo Narayana Seva Samiti.

What we think is the Truth, is not. What is the Truth? We do not know. Swamiji’s knowledge is an ocean of Divine secrets. God knows everything. God can lecture on any topic without preparation. Like this, Swamiji knows everything; both divine and about this worldly life. She can spontaneously answer any question. Swamiji took birth to teach us the reality of human life and spirituality. Her teachings are ideal for people of different religions. Seekers of Truth from around the World come to Swamiji for answers. Swamiji’s teachings have brought peace to the minds of individuals in every corner of the World. She is here to teach Mankind the true way of living. Her teachings guide every human being onto their respective path in life. Swamiji will explain, with great detail, the duty of man; the agriculturalist, the housewife, the son, the Government minister etc.

Swamiji’s teachings will bring peace of mind to the individual and give purpose for living in this material World. Swamiji says, “Sometimes the questions are complicated but the answers are simple.” Swamiji approaches Her audience at their level of understanding. In this way, they can easily absorb the nectar of Her philosophy. Swamiji enjoys teaching children, young adults as well as elders. Swamiji says, “Understanding, acceptance and adjustment are the need of this hour.” These three words are the answers to any chaotic situation. One pillar of Swamiji’s philosophy is simply laughter. “Laughter is one tool to attain God,” says Swamiji.

Swamiji urges Man to carefully observe every moment of life, focus on everlasting happiness- therefore rediscovering the God within each and every one of us. She proves, with Her words and advice, that God is omnipresent, Omniscient and omnipotent. Swamiji’s philosophy encourages a clean and fertile environment. She shares the directives to reverse Global Warming by boosting the agricultural system, keeping our drainage and roads clean and being vegetarian. Swamiji reiterates to Mankind that, “Your stomach is not a burial ground.” Swamiji preaches the importance of maintaining a vegetarian diet for the survival of the animals around us, as well as the cleansing of our own karma. Swamiji is here to declare what is Truth. Therefore, She explains that every living creature has a purpose, including the earthworms, the dog, the cow and the human being. All in creation must live in harmony; hence we must take heed in Swamiji’s teachings.

As mentioned before, Swamiji has no gurus. No one taught Her the philosophy of life and Divinity. Therefore, you cannot find this philosophy of life anywhere but at the feet of Sri Jayanthi Kumaraswami. No literature in the past can match Swamiji’s words. Swamiji’s teachings are suitable for living life in the present, in this fast developing concrete jungle. Swamiji guides Her followers through this age of technology. Her Holiness frequently gives lectures on different topics. In addition, Swamiji allows Her audience to ask questions during Q&A sessions. Swamiji’s unique approach to spirituality also attracts children. She lectures children of different ages separately. Swamiji expects that every member of Her audience is attentive while She lectures so that they can benefit from Her words. If Mankind accepts and follow Swamiji’s simple guidelines, then everything in this universe will be in harmony.

Tickets @ £25 each. Available on Eventbrite here.